Tipsy Toad Soaps has closed its doors…

HOWEVER, the business is under new ownership! The same great products you’ve come to love are now available from The Gritty Goat Soap Co. You’ll still find them at the Wolfville Farmers’ Market and at various retail locations in the Valley and beyond.

A huge thank you to everyone who has supported us, used our products, and offered feedback and testimonials over the years. We look forward to seeing how the business progresses with the new energy and ideas that The Gritty Goat Soap Co. will bring.

Tipsy Toad Soaps is a very small farm-based company in Tremont, Nova Scotia, Canada. We make artisan soaps and body products using milk from our little herd of Miniature Nubian dairy goats. Every product is made by hand, and we try to source ingredients that are local, ethical, and environmentally sustainable.

Our products are developed for sensitive skin. We don’t believe in scents that assault your nostrils, and we use only pure essential oils as fragrance. If you’re looking for gentle, moisturizing and natural, look no further… we’ve got you covered.